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 1,928 = Total number of pillowcases delivered so far in 2022.
(posted August 5, 2022)
The Rotary Club of North York is now partnering with Comfy Cases as a major supporter of our pillowcases going to North York General Hospital!!!!
The Rotary Club of Hamilton is now supporting Halloween and Christmas themed Comfy Cases pillowcases that will be delivered to McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton this year.
Thank you to all those who choose Comfy Cases as the place to share your fabric stash.
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Volunteer sewing Comfy Cases.

We are Comfy CASES:

Children And Sewers Exchanging Smiles

We are a group of local volunteers who want kids to smile like only kids can - even when they have to be in tough situations like hospitals. We know our pillowcases do just that.

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“…our families greatly appreciate receiving these beautiful pillowcases and the kids absolutely love them! Importantly, the pillowcases bring colour, cheer and comfort to what can be a frightening and stressful hospital experience.”

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OPACC (Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer)

A non-profit program of

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Support Comfy Cases. Help kids smile in tough situations.

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Thank you for your invaluable contributions to Comfy Cases. Your generosity allows us to continue with our important work.

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Thank you for your time, dedication and commitment. Because of you, we are able to make children smile during their hospital stay. We could not be here without you.

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